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At the heart of the Eastman line are the reliable and versatile classic Blue Streak II® 629 and Brute® 627 straight knives.
Whether denim or delicates, sailcloth or synthetics, there is an Eastman straight knife perfectly suited for virtually every cutting requirement.  And, for those unique applications which defy normal solutions, Eastman has the capability and the know-how to make whatever custom modification may be required.

Eastman straight knives are available with both standard and heavy duty motors, a choice of four blade strokes and even a dual speed option so that each machine specification can be matched to the customers needs.
In general, short strokes are more suited to synthetics and the longer stroke options are best for heavy and natural fabrics.
Eastman sales consultants can identify just which stroke is optimum for each application.  If fusing is a problem, either a short stroke machine or the optional dual speed motor may be the solution.

The dual speed motor allows an operator to cut long straight areas and gentle curves in high speed, switch to low speed for cutting tight turns, where a fast knife speed may generate too much heat and damage the fabric, the switch back to high speed - all in one motion without ever stopping the machine.

Whatever the situation or problem, Eastman has the cutting answer.

All Eastman's straight knives are equipped with the patented Knife Saver® one-touch automatic sharpener.  By selecting one of the four sharpening belt grits, an operator can hone the knife blade to any edge for the perfect fit between machine and material.
As are all Eastman machines, the straight knives come equipped with the patented   Uni-Safe®** Terminal Block and Attachment Plug, which allows one hand connect/disconnect.

The Uni-Safe is designed to meet all existing international safety codes.


  The Eastman Auto-Stop™
Superior Performance
Operators will enjoy the advanced features of the new Auto-Stop while maintaining the same balance, control and comfort experienced in cutting with the Eastman's standard machines.
Touch Operated Handle
Controls power to the motor and pressure foot. Operator must grasp the handle to start the machine. When the operator releases the handle, the machine stops and the pressure foot guard drops automatically. The handle has a unique cushion grip for increased comfort and control.
  Blue Streak II®/ Model 629
With versatility unmatched by any other straight knife available, the Blue Streak II is the obvious choice when one machine is required
to perform many roles. Designed with a low centre of gravity for ease of handling, and features the best power to weight ratio in the industry,
the Blue Streak II provides maximum productivity with minimal fatigue.
  Brute®/ Model 627
The Brute boasts all of the features found on the Blue Streak II Model 629 with the addition of a motor having more horsepower. This makes the Brute the ideal tool for cutting extra heavy cloth or an increased number of ply.
The Brute's extra power is also recommended for standard cutting applications in situations when low line voltage is a problem. The Brute's 2.20 HP motor adds only 3 pounds more weight and makes Eastman's Brute the most powerful straight knife cutting machine made.
  Brute®/ Model 627VS
The Brute®/ Model 627VS has all of the capabilities of Eastman's standard Brute 627, with the added advantage of increased versatility and cutting speed derived from the addition of a variable speed motor. It is the only cutting machine on the market that runs at 4,000 RPMs. These features make the Brute®/ Model 627VS the most versatile machine for your cutting needs.

Round Knives
For cutting large radius curves or straight line, one of Eastman's wide range of round knife machines is ideally suited for the job.
Eastman's round knives are built with the same quality and attention to detail that have made Eastman straight knives the
# 1 choice in cutting rooms around the world.

Eastman's Cardinal® Series includes round knives designed to handle most standard round knife applications.
With four different blade sizes, horse-power ratings and custom engineered gear ratios to choose from,
Eastman's cutting experts are able to deliver a Cardinal with specifications exactly matched to each customers needs.


    • Baseplates and rollers provide a solid, stable platform and smooth rolling, vibration free cutting.
    • A Narrow Silhouette Standard eliminates cutting distortions and allows exact cutting on all types of material.
    • While hard wearing carbon steel blades are standard, and Cardinal can be equipped with optional high speed steel blades for cutting large lays of heavy, dense materials or whenever extra blade life is desired.  Grooved and Teflon coated blades are also available to reduce blade heat and eliminate fusing problems.
    • Eastman's round knife sharpening system* utilises specially designed sharpening stones to create a perfect double bevel edge on the blade.  The advantage of the double bevel is that it eliminates the need for shear plate to support the machine's cutting action.  And with three grits of sharpening stones available, Eastman Cardinals can be adjusted so that the ease and accuracy of cutting is improved and sharpening frequency can actually be decreased.

      - 120 Grit: Heavy, dense materials, denim's and canvas
      - 150 Grit: Medium, good when a large variety of fabric types are to be cut.
      - 220 Grit: Fine, sheer, loosely woven materials.
    • Eastman's exclusive patented Uni-Safe Terminal Block and Attachment Plug allows the operator to engage the power supply to the cutter with one hand.
    • Ergonomic placement of the controls allows the cutter to activate the power switch and feather touch sharpener with the same hand, ensuring continuous, accurate and clean cuts.



      Lightweight / Model 534
    Specially designed for low lays of wool, cotton, silk and synthetics, the 534 provides lightweight manoeuvrability with more than enough power for positive cutting of these materials.
      Standard / Model 548
    A smaller, more manoeuvrable version of the 562, this general purpose round knife delivers the same wide range of uses with the advantage of
    a smaller, lighter package.


    The next step down from Eastman's larger diameter round knives, the Eastman Robin is the result of many years
    of input from cutting rooms of all sizes.


      Mighty Midget/Model BBB25 & BBR25
    The mighty midget features a shear plate design which makes it the choice for cutting loosely knit fabric, even in low lays and single ply.  The optional octagon blade virtually eliminates fraying and tearing of the sheerest materials.  The BBR25with all the features of the BBB25, this Mighty Midget BBR25 is more suited to heavier, denser materials where shear plate action is not necessary.  Dual sharpening stones hone the knife edge for optimal cutting of denims and canvas.



    Rotary Shears
    Intricate markers, one of a kind patterns, samples, reworks, even plastic and rubber sheeting are all big problems in any cutting room ... unless and Eastman lightweight rotary shear is at hand.

    Chickadee®/Model D2

    The smallest round knife available, the Chickadee® II replaces hand held shears.  Powered by Eastman's Perma-Field Motor, the Chickadee II has 40% power than any other hand held knife its size.  This, combined with it's streamlined lightweight construction, helps eliminate operator fatigue.   Equipped with either a round blade for general use or a hexagon blade for sheer or difficult to cut cloth, the Chickadee II has a cutting capacity 25% greater than competitive models.  The Chickadee II also features a totally enclosed sharpener for faster and safer sharpening, easily accessible motor brushes for quick and easy servicing and an intergrated power switch for rapid response and fatigue free operation.  The Eastman Chickadee II is versatile too.  Four different base plates and cutting tips can be selected depending on your specific use.

      • Stabiliser Shoe: The standard foot attachment, a utility feature that lends itself well to all cutting and slitting operations.
      • Ball Tip: Best when slitting tubular knits or other loosely woven materials.
      • Broad Stabiliser: For those applications were slightly more stability is necessary, useful for eliminating distortion between piles.
      • Baseplate: A small baseplate fitted with needle rollers to create the lightest free standing rotary shear available.   Provides the greatest of accuracy from top to bottom ply.


      Long Handle Chickadee®/Model D2H
      Encompassing all the features of the D2, with the addition of a long handle and remote power switch.  The ideal companion to any spreading machine for cutting out flaws or when laying up fabrics.



      Engineered for cutting small amounts of heavy, dense rubbers and plastics, or in wet areas not suited to conventional electrical cutters.   More powerful than any other cutter of similar size, the Buzzaird® Pneumatic Shear requires 60-90 psi compressed air for operation.

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