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Student Supplies
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Bra & Shoulder Pads
Student Supplies
Dry Cleaning Supplies
Polythene Garment Covers
20x24 50g, 80g & 100g Continuous

50g & 100g as above perforated to 36", 42", 48"
54", 60" & 72".

All on 12.5kilo rolls.

Get noticed with your own personalised printed
garment film. Please ask for details.

Wire Coat Hangers

WRDCBN: 13.5g Bronze Wire Hangers with Notch 500 per box
WRDCS: 13.5g Silver Wire Hangers no notch 500 per box
T/GUAR: Trouser Guards 2500 per box
S/GUARD: Shoulder Guards 500 per box


• Polythene Covers
• Coat Hangers
• Trouser Guards
• Shoulder Guards
• Standard & DCS Perc
• Ideal Washing Powders etc
• Ideal Spotting Fluids
• Filters
• Ticket Books
• Wash Books etc
• Garment Hanging Rails
• Shirt packaging
• Pins
• Curtain Polythene


Please contact our Sales department on 01484 888888 or email sales@eastman.co.uk to place your order or request a copy of our price list


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