TGLETs (pronounced tee-glet) are a new range of unique and innovative undergarments that combine all the desirable features of t-shirts and singlets in one garment.

Our garments have been designed with you in mind and in response to what you said …

You told us … in hot weather you like using t-shirts as vests because they protect your shirts when you sweat and also keep you fresher and cooler.

The TGLET … behaves like a t-shirt protecting your armpits and back and keeping you cool and fresh.

You told us …. you did not like t-shirts showing above the neck line, at the top of the shirt, especially when the t-shirts are washed and get sloppy

The TGLET … has a low neck cut to ensure it stays hidden and not visible. After all it’s an “under” garment and should not be seen.

You told us ... you do not like it when the sleeves of the t-shirt are visible under the shirt being worn.

The TGLET … comes with different sleeve lengths. Our bestseller is the sleeveless and the extra short sleeve which does not show. The TGLET comes in many colours so the colour of the shirt can be matched to a TGLET.

You told us ... you wanted flexibility to choose different fabrics depending on the weather.

The TGLET ... is sewn from different fabrics. The “TGLET Thermal” is a figure hugging fit, suitable for colder weather as they are made from 90% ribbed cotton and 10% polyester. The “TGLET Light” is a loose fit made from 100% light soft cotton which is ideally suited to warmer weather.

You told us ... sometimes you like to keep an extra shirt button open

The TGLET … comes with two different neck cuts – a standard deep neck and an extra-deep neck cut (for those who want to keep an extra button open).

The flexibility offered by a TGLET really makes wearing t-shirts and singlets so last year!

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